Thresholds for Coverage under Federal & State Employment Laws

HR Compliance Check covers the most up-to-date laws that may be applicable to an organization based on their size, type and geographic location.

Coverage under various federal and state labor laws is generally determined by the number of individuals a company employs. As such, not all employers are covered by all of the various federal and state-specific employment laws that exist. It is important to know which laws apply to which company or organization, as coverage involves the necessity of important duties for employers to satisfy. Failure to adhere to federal and state laws can lead to penalties, fines and litigation.

Below are the coverage threshold requirements for the most important employment-related statutes, for federal and the State of Michigan.

Federal or State LawNumber of EmployeesOrganization TypeApplicable Law(s)
Federal1-14AllEqual Opportunity Employment Practices (age, religion, race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, disability, military) – (for employment agencies and labor organizations).
Equal Pay
Military Leave
Veterans Benefits
Jury Duty Leave
Notices & Posters
Older Workers
HIPAA Privacy
ERISA Medical
ERISA Retirement
Pension Protection
Cafeteria Plans
Retiree & Secondary Payer
Section 79
Women’s Health & Cancer Rights
Newborns and Mothers Health
Michelle’s Law
Sick Pay Reporting
Fair Labor
Deferred Compensation
Consumer Credit
Uniform Employee Selection Procedures
Employee Polygraph
New Hire Reporting
Fair Credit Reporting
Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions
National Labor Relations
Wage and hour laws
Workers’ Compensation
Jury Duty Leave
Federal11-14, addAllOSHA Recordkeeping
Federal15-19, addAllEEO Employment Practices (age, religion, race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, military)American Disabilities Act (ADA)Genetic Information (GINA)
Federal20-49, addAllAge Discrimination
Affordable Care Act (under 50 employees)
Federal50 or more, addAllFamily Medical Leave
Mental Health Parity
Affordable Care Act (50 or more employees)
EEO-1 Reporting (federal contractors only)
Federal100 or moreAllAffordable Care Act (100 or more employees)
EEO-1 Reporting
Federal Contractors1 or moreSome federal contractorsExecutive Order 11246
Executive Order 13201
Drug Free Workplace
Vocal Rehabilitation Act
Davis Bacon
Executive Order 13496
McNamara Ohara
Executive 13658
Copeland-Anti Kickback
Federal Contractors50 or moreAll federal contractorsE-Verify
EE0-1 Reporting
Michigan1 or moreAllNotices & Posters
Recordkeeping (including access to personnel files)
Fair Employment Practices (age, religion, race, color, national origin, sex, height and weight (employment only), marital status, familial status, arrest record, and physical or mental disability (employment only).
Workers’ Compensation
Right to Know
Minimum Wage
Persons with Disabilities
Social Security Privacy
Payment of Wages
Internet Privacy
Smoke Free
Medical Marijuana
Identity Theft
Youth Employment
Unemployment Compensation
Right to Work
Health Claims Assessment
Michigan Withholding
Jury Duty Leave
Employee Privacy (surveillance/monitoring, eavesdropping, wiretapping)