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Audit and Evaluation

HR Compliance Check Tool

Minimize risk

and maximize return on human capital

How can we help with your HR compliance needs?

We developed HR Compliance Check, a unique online, automated compliance reporting diagnostic tool for small to mid-sized businesses.

Our mission is to help small businesses audit their HR practices at their own pace, ultimately saving them time, money and reducing their risk. Business leaders can lighten their compliance burden with HR Compliance Check so that they quit worrying about fines and lawsuits and focus on building sustainable companies. It’s self-serve, easy to use, automated, and produces a detailed report. We’ve taken the custom compliance audit process offered by consultants and made it accessible, affordable, and efficient.

Why Use HR Compliance Check?

  • Self-serve. Users log onto the website, select and purchase the compliance package and follow the prompts.
  • Easy-to-use. HR Compliance Check uses a simple, familiar, easy-to-use interface. The client selects a response to a question, then moves on to the next.
  • Customized. Each client receives a custom report based on the responses provided.
  • Complete. HR Compliance Check includes regulations that apply to small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Actionable. The report gives the client a timeline and highlights the critical non-compliance areas for immediate attention and remedy.

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