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HR Expert. Top Facilitator

For more than two decades, Kelly has brought strategic thought-leadership to help companies tackle the ever-changing compliance challenges and cultivate their staff and future leaders to create a sense of belonging

Meet Kelly Jackson.

A self-proclaimed “next-generation HR executive,” Kelly’s mission is to help companies think differently about how to attract and retain employees by leveraging each employee’s overall experience and sense of belonging to gain real-time results.

Kelly’s candid and down-to-earth personality helps people connect the dots; Kelly goes beyond the jargon and acronyms to deliver real-life business results and actionable advice on next-generation leadership to provide excellence in today’s knowledge-based economy.

Kelly Jackson.
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Kelly is one of the most respected leaders in the HR Industry. She is known for her action-based delivery that jumpstarts companies to focus on their most important goals. In addition, Kelly’s message of belonging enables every individual in the organization to create the success they want in their professional and personal lives. Kelly’s clients include a broad spectrum of organizations and institutions, including for-profit and non-profit companies across multiple industries and business sectors

What Clients Say

KJGroup was able to identify areas for improvements and provide us with practical solutions, and served the organization as an enhancement to our existing human resource department. The audit results provided us with innovative solutions, education, training and knowledgeable advice.
Cheryl Kane-Rapp
Human Resource Manager
"I have been a client of KJGroup for several years, using several of their services. They have been a pleasure to work with! I would always look to them to provide practical and sound HR advice"
Linda Flicks
Business Owner
"I have very high expectations, and KJGroup has always provided great work to help us when we reached out to them"
Tom Barzyk
Business Owner
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