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How It works​

Three Step Process

Part I – Employer Assessment Questionnaire

Your company completes the HR Assessment Questionnaire (employer questionnaire also known as HR Compliance Check). The employer questionnaire is where important information is captured about company policies and practices. We will provide you with a unique Web-link via email to complete the survey. The survey takes approximately 60 minutes to complete, which can be completed in intervals.

HR Compliance Check Assessment Process

Our process compares your company’s information to industry standards. We analyze your risk factors and let you know what’s working well and what needs serious attention. We scrub for potential problems and research applicable laws and regulations. Your custom report covers the high priority human resource areas relevant based on your company’s size, type, and geographic location with clear information and insightful recommendations:

Part II – Assessment Process

HR Compliance Check administers a thorough yet straightforward assessment. We collect, analyze and categorize the information from your survey responses according to federal regulations. We then produce a detailed report that identifies compliant areas and areas that will require attention.

Our Survey Process

We get it. You’re busy. So, we have developed an easy-to-use HR compliance tool designed to assess a company’s HR practices. The questionnaire and responses have been lawyer-reviewed and are for small to mid-sized companies. To get started, each client completes a 60-minute survey designed to collect information about your current business practices. Based on your responses, we develop a report that will identify areas that comply and areas that require attention. Our HR audit compliance tool coupled with a competent employment law attorney to assist with your legal questions will help mitigate your risk!

Part III – Results

You will receive a custom HR Audit report which will work comprehensively with the laws applicable to your organization. The HR audit report will detail high-priority areas with insightful recommendations, which are attractive, straightforward, and easy to read.

Our Delivery Process

We can deliver your results through different packages based on your organization’s type, size, and geographic location. The packages available are as follows:
# of Employees
Federal Only
50 or fewer employees
51-99 employees
100-1000 plus employees

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