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HR regulatory compliance: Analyze Your HR Processes In Just 3 Steps

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1. Complete Survey

To get started, complete a 60-minute survey designed to collect information about your current business practices. The collection part is super-easy; you’ll be able to answer most questions by checking a box.

2. Compare Responses

Here’s where the magic happens. We analyze your responses to paint a crystal clear picture of your organization’s compliance with federal and state employment regulations that are applicable to your business type, size and geographic location.

3. Deliver Results

The information we collect from your questionnaire responses is used to produce a comprehensive risk and recommendations report identifying HR areas that may be non-compliant. We deliver a ready-to-use report that is categorized into four sections in order of importance to provide a road map and timeline for improvement of your human resource function.


What our customers are saying

  • KJGroup was able to identify areas for improvements and provide us with practical solutions, and served the organization as an enhancement to our existing human resource department. The audit results provided us with innovative solutions, education, training and knowledgeable advice.
    Cheryl Kane-Rapp, Human Resource Manager, Speedshape Inc.